Here at Tut Roofing, our qualified team of professionals guarantees you a high-quality workmanship with anything to do with roof tiling. The following are the roofing services that we provide and are qualified to do.

New Roofing

Whether you’re building units or just a new home, you will select from 4 different roof tiles manufacturing companies such as BGC, Bristiles Roofing, Monier Prime & Boral. each one of them makes different tile profiles and different colors; e.g. Villa, Alpine, Alabama, shingles and so on… we have a contract with all the 4 different roof tiles makers and are familiar with any kind of tiles whether it’ll be Concrete or Clay we install them all.


We can remove the old tiles and put brand new ones on, Don’t paint your roof especially when the painting will not help the aging of your roof. imagine your roof has only left with 5 years life expectancy and you painted it say around 3 to $4000. After five years you would want a new roof worth let say $17,000 This would mean that you just threw $4k into the trash bin. The decisions we make right now to shape our future. Some mistakes can heavily be punished by what my friends like to call “Karma”.

Roof Additions

When you want to extend your property/house to be bigger, we’re able to buy exactly the same tiles on your roof so that they joint in together to the main roof and tiles fit in correctly.

Bedding and Pointing.

When it comes to maintenance, we can fix your roof leakage, we could also advice you whether you need your roof re-bedded & re-pointed.

We install up-to 3 storey homes and 40° roofs

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