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Welcome to Tut Roofing™, Our Roofing services include the following: New Roofing Installation, Roof Replacement or Re-Roofing, Roofing Additions/Extensions, Roofing Repairs and maintenance, leaking Roof Repairs, bedding, and Re-Pointing and 40° Roof Installation. we are a roofing company located in Perth Western Australia.

Call 0430 551 300. Our company works directly with builders, owner builders, and homeowners. We are the best roofing company in Perth. Your search for the best roof tiler ends here at Tut Roofing… roofing contractor.

New Roof Installation

When installing a new tile roof, there are 11 steps taken to successfully complete the roofing process on time and on budget. There are also 9 different types of materials to be used for the roof.

And yet there are 15 steps taken in place for the roofing installation process in order to successfully complete a new roof. 1. measurements: We measure the roof size either by

  •  By reading the Plans.
  • By physically onsite measuring floor m2; which is L x W x Roof Pitch Code using a tape measure and so on.

Quoting for materials and labour. Now that we know how big the roof is by doing the measurements on step 1. This means that we also know how much materials will be needed.

We do this by calculating how much materials are needed per m2. For example, We need – 13 tiles per m2 – 3.4 Linear meter of battens per m2 and 3 lengths of ridge caps per meter and so on…

  • We price the materials by letting our suppliers quote on materials.
  • And then we also price for our labour costs.

Before we can do anything, the materials must be paid for and delivered to the job site or on the property being build in order for us to start the roofing installation process. There are 9 different types of materials needed to build a new roof. And these materials are as follows:

1. Battens

2. Nails

3. tiles

4. Ridge Caps

5. Sand

6. Cement

7. Water

8. Flexi

9. Sarking (This material is optional in Western Australia).

Then after the confirmation of the delivery of the roofing materials is made, we then start the roofing installation process. There are 15 different types of steps taken when installing a new tile roof. Here is a step by step on how a tile roof is installed:

1. Peck out the Roof

2. Stand up battens

3. Lay on battens

4. Cut in battens

5. Nailing off

6. Bump up tiles

7. Sheeting in tiles

8. Cutting hips and valleys

9. Bedding ridge caps

10. Whee poling the Top Ridges

11. Point the roof ridge caps

12. Clean dags

13. Change Broken tiles

14. Blow off the whole roof

15. Clean Gutters

16. Pack up Tools in the trailer.

Now the roof is 100% Completed.

We then pay wages to our employees and making sure that their taxes are paid in full.

We then Put everything on records on our computer system and the job is finalized and the 10-year warranty has started on the day the customer receives the receipts and or invoices with the reference number which contains the date of completion and the customer’s initials letters at the end of the reference number.

Cause of Roof Leakage

There are 7 reasons that can cause roof leakage: 1. Broken tiles 2. chipped tiles 3. Broken tiles under the solar panels on the roof 4. Cracked ridge caps 5. Around the solar hot water system. 6. around Whirlybirds and flashing. 7. Around the valleys (wrongly cut valley tile pieces).

Repairing Leaking Roof

There are 7 reasons why your roof is leaking and there are only 4 ways of fixing that roof leakage:

1. By replacing all the broken and chipped tiles.

2. By pointing Around the solar hot water system  By pointing: around Whirlybirds and flashing.

3. By repointing the whole roof when there are Cracked ridge caps.

4. By Re-cutting the valley pieces.

When we come to repair your roof leakage We will take 1 roof tile and take it to the second-hand roof tiles yard so that we get the exact same tiles on your roof because all roof tiles have varieties of shapes and sizes.


Roof Replacement or Re-Roofing has exactly the same steps as putting on a new roof. Except the old tiles gotta be removed first before renewing of the roof. When removing the tiles off the old roof the owner always has 2 options

  • By throwing away the roof tiles in the skip bin
  • By saving the old tiles and selling them to a second-hand tiles yard.

When an option a chosen then we will have the bin closer to the roof so that the roof tiling team can just through the tiles in the bin straight away from taking them off the roof.

But when option b chose, it takes longer because we have to use the elevator to get them from the roof to the ground making sure that the tile broken. The old battens are taken off and must go to the rubbish pile.

Roofing Additions/Extensions

With Roofing extensions, this means when your family has run out of bedrooms and you want to add additional space to the property and then you may as well extent the roof also.

It has the same procedures as new roofing installation: except when you have to match the roofing gauges and get the same or matching to the existing roof tiles on your existing roof.

4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Tile Roof.

1. Tile Roofs can survive major weather conditions such as cyclone, storms or heavy wind. But tin roof can’t survive all of that.

2. Roof tiling has existed for over 2,000 years since Jesus was in this world before He went to back to Heaven. 3. Roof tiles are good even in hot or sunny weather. While tin roofs make the house hotter because it’s metal and it’s a heat conductor.

4. Every tile on your roof is important. If there is anything wrong with a tile, it can easily be replaced. While if there is anything wrong with a tin sheet, it is harder to replace.

The Bible Talks About Roof Tiling

(Luke 5:18-20 NIV)

Jesus Heals A Paralytic
18 Some men came carrying a paralyzed man on a mat and tried to take him into the house to lay him before Jesus. 19 When they could not find a way to do this because of the crowd, they went up on the roof and lowered him on his mat through the tiles into the middle of the crowd, right in front of Jesus.
20 When Jesus saw their faith, he said, “Friend, your sins are forgiven.”

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Apart from asphalt metal roofing is 100% unaffected by the development of mold, organism, and greenery — all the basic pains known to plaque ephemeral rooftops made of black-top or wood, for example, cedar shingles and shakes.
Copper, Aluminum, Zinc, Steel, Tin
Yes, Tut roofing service Available in Perth area Our Roofing services in Perth include New Roofing/ Installation, Roofing Additions/Extensions, Roofing Repairs and maintenance, leaking Roof Repairs, bedding, and Re-Pointing and 40° Roof Installation.
Yes, our tut roofing contractor in Perth still working and providing safe roofing service in this Covid-19 Situation
Regardless of whether you’ve employed an expert or plan to introduce a rooftop yourself, understanding the rooftop establishment cycle and steps included will assist you with guaranteeing your new rooftop is appropriately introduced. Here’s an outline of the rooftop establishment ventures for metal material and black-top rooftop shingles.

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Our Roofing services include the following: New Roofing Installation, Roof Replacement or Re-Roofing, Roofing Additions/Extensions, Roofing Repairs and maintenance, leaking Roof Repairs, bedding, and Re-Pointing and 40° Roof Installation. we are a roofing company located in Perth Western Australia.