Welcome to Tut Roofing: Please take your time to read what our customers had to say about our roof tiling service. From 2016 ’til current. Our customers are satisfied. We think that making every customer happy and satisfied is the right way to go. It’s also a privilege to have customers.

Testimony 1: John Pyke.
Tut Roofing Rated Five Stars By “John Pyke”

Tut Roofing behaved in a very professional manner & kept us informed at all stages. There were able to locate an elusive leak not found by two other companies.

Response from the owner

Thanks John, in here at Tut Roofing its all about protection from Rain & Sun.

Testimony 2:  Cody Osborne

Tut Roofing Rated Five Stars By: Cody Osborne

Tut and his crew came to my rescue after I had an accident on my roof. Within just a few short hours, Tut and his team came to quote, and returned to complete the job quickly before the rain.
Very thorough, and professional. I will be using Tut Roofing TM in future.
Response from the owner

Thank you very much Mr. Osborne, for your review. Here at Tut Roofing our aim is to end homelessness and protect the country from the rain and the sun.

Testimoney 3: Travis Beswick

Tut Roofing Rated Five Stars By: Travis Beswick

October 29, 2016 · 

I’ve been using TUT Roofing for all my jobs, He goes above and beyond all expectations.

Response from the owner

Thank you Travis Beswick I think there is a pride in every trade, not just the money that is important. We are your roof tilers mate.

Testimony 4: Aden Michielsen

Tut Roofing Rated Five Stars By: 
Aden Michielsen

Very good service!

Response from the owner

Thank you Aden, here at Tut Roofing we think that its a privilege to serve WA with our roofing business.

Testimony 5: Shane Truslove

Tut Roofing Rated Five Stars By: Shane Truslove

I laboured for Tut for 1 week and he was an excellent boss he treated me with dignity, bought me lunch and paid wages promptly! Any time you need me on short notice do not hesitate to call me. 

Response from the owner

Shane Truslove was a very good worker even now and he’s a jack of all trades: From Cars right up to building and construction (Residential and commercials) He knows how to build bridges. he’s a rigger, bricklayer and roof plumber and knows how to build Sheds. Even now Tut Roofing always needs his help and services. You will go a long way Shane.

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