Tut Roofing 7000LTRTUTWelcome to Tut Roofing™, We buy our roof tiles from four different manufacturing companies in Perth. Not everyone is allowed to buy tiles from these manufacturers, even some builders are not allowed to buy unless you’re known to them or worked for them as a sub-contractor in the past. To know one means to know them all.

If you are planning to build a new home please click through these choices of Roof Tiles and record the Tile Maker Name that you prefer and we will buy it and install it for you. The best thing is we get the tiles for cheaper cost at Trades Discount Prices.

Being able to work with all the types of roof tiles in Perth, it is a great advantage to our customers. Whether it would be a clay tile or concrete tile and/or whether it would be shingles or Alabama/villas we have done it all. With over 10 years experience in WA our customers have great confidence in us to carry out projects without hiccups.

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Tut Roofing Est. 23rd August, 2010.

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