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Our new roof installation come with 10 year warranty, but there are fair terms and conditions involved, 1. The warranty doesn’t cover you if someone goes on your roof and breaks tiles, e.g. sollar panel or hot water system installation on your roof, 2. You must report any roof leaks within the first year of the life of your roof.

Roof repairs or roof maintenance comes with 3 year warranty.

This Roof repairs or roof maintenance include, leaking roof repairs, bedding and pointing. We are not responsible for any roof pressure cleaning.

Some of the things I learned from my roof tiling bosses while I was an apprentice are: “What is the point of doing roof tiling if you aren’t going to be the best roof tiler”? “as a roof tiler you must overcome your fear.”,

Two Dogs Roofing said, “You gotta have done roof tiling for about over 6 years to be able to call yourself a roof tiler” He also said, “Unsuccessful roof tilers only last for a day when they’re first day on the job. Because this job is too hard when you haven’t done for a long time.

Our bedding and pointing is very neat and smooth, because in roof tiling a roof tiler is known by his ridge caps. If the mud is too sandy during bedding and pointing on the new roof installation was being done; and then after a few years the ridge will start to crack open causing roof leak.

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