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Is It Hard To Be A Roofer?


A recent survey shows something that many roofing companies are already well aware of: roofing is the toughest job in Australia. Every day we hear of another “roofer nightmare” happening because the wrong roofer has been hired for the job.  The sad thing is… Continue Reading “Is It Hard To Be A Roofer?”

Can A Roofing Help With An Angle Grinder

Can A Roofing Help With An Angle Grinder

If you are like most professional roofers, you know that the best and most convenient way to cut tin roofs is to cut them yourself.  If you use an angle grinder, the downside is that the freshly cut edge is likely to get a… Continue Reading “Can A Roofing Help With An Angle Grinder”

Where Do The Screws Go On A Metal Roof?

Where Do The Screws Go On A Metal Roof

Concealed adhesive roofs or what you need to know about them are a new innovation in the metal roofing industry. They feature metal panels with raised, meshing seams and are known as concealed adhesive roofs.  In the case of exposed connection types, gasket head… Continue Reading “Where Do The Screws Go On A Metal Roof?”

Can Roofers Work Without Scaffolding

scaffolding - tutu roofing

Scaffolding is a common sight in buildings across Australia, but it can seem unnecessary and small – a job that involves looking after a ladder or worktop that is not suitable. In this case, it is often considered better to use a ladder that… Continue Reading “Can Roofers Work Without Scaffolding”

What Are The Signs That You Need A New Roof?

What Are The Signs That You Need A New Roof

As a roofer in Huntsville, AL, I have made it clear that the most common reason you tell me you need a new roof is that you are a roofer. I hope you find this article helpful to find out if you need new… Continue Reading “What Are The Signs That You Need A New Roof?”

Is Roofing Cement Waterproof

Is Cement Waterproof

The Roofers Superstore has all the answers to your flat roof dilemma. Long Island commercial roofers offer a wide range of products, from short-term solutions to long-term solutions. There will always be a need to ensure that your roofs have all the necessary waterproofing,… Continue Reading “Is Roofing Cement Waterproof”

Does Roofing Felt Contain Asbestos

Does Roofing Felt Contain Asbestos - tutroofing

In this post, I have provided information from several local Roofing companies in Perth and helped answer some of the most frequently asked questions. Please read this section for more information on whether or not your roof material such as wood, glass, or other… Continue Reading “Does Roofing Felt Contain Asbestos”

Toonkoor Music

Welcome to Toonkoor Music, my name is Tut Nyokwan aka Toonkoor. Please learn the word of God by listening to my music. These song are not written by myself, but they are taken from the Holy Bible. And the Holy Bible is the word… Continue Reading “Toonkoor Music”

Does a Metal Roof Attract Lightning

roofattract-lightning TUT ROOFING

The Metallbau Association has published several technical bulletins, which present research showing that metal roofs are less likely to be struck by lightning than other roofs. In this post, an expert from the US Army Corps of Engineers reveals that a metal roof is… Continue Reading “Does a Metal Roof Attract Lightning”

Does a metal roof make house hotter?

Does a metal roofDoes a metal roof make house hotter tut roofing make house hotter

When it comes to metal roofs, we are talking about more than just corrugated iron roofs that might come to mind. We often believe that it is only suitable for roofs with steep slopes, but standing – seam metal roofs can work well as… Continue Reading “Does a metal roof make house hotter?”