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Can Roofers Work In The Rain

The rainy season is in full swing, and as a roofer you know that the rain is coming, even if it is only a few centimeters in one go.  I would like to give you some tips on how to deal with the rain when you are carrying out a roofing project. If the risk of rain is too great, we will cover the roof to keep it safe and dry, but we will not install it further in the rain. We will wait until the construction site is dry and safe for the roofs and our roofing crew. If the weather conditions are better, you are guaranteed to return to work, even if the risks of rain are too gre

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What Color Roof Is Most Energy Efficient?

According to most homeowners and experts in this field, metal roofs are the best material for energy-efficient roofs. When it comes to metal roofs, we are talking about more than just corrugated iron roofs that might come to mind. Metal is quite expensive and requires professional installation, but according to most homeowners and experts in this field, it is a good material and an energy-efficient roof.  As a much lighter roof version for your home, metal roofs weigh about half as much as a typical asphalt roof. This quality means that even tanned asphalt shingles can abs