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Best roofing, Roof tiles, New roof, Tile roof, Concrete tile, Flat roof, Built up roof, Residential roofing, Commercial roofing, Roofing systems, we are a roofing business in Perth Western Australia.

We have been roof tiling since 2008. Tut Nyokwan the owner of Tut Roofing, had actually done roof tiling apprenticeship for two years,

is (RTO) Registered Training Organization was Silver Trowel Trade Training, in Cannington Western Australia.

He was doing both THEORY and PRACTICAL side of roof tiling.Tut was learning the practical side of roofing with a company called, Two Dogs Roofing, on new homes and maintenance work across Perth Metro Area.

In 2010 Tut learned everything about the trade from bumping, sheeting in, cutting hips and valleys, right up to bedding and pointing. He did his first 40° roof in Kalamunda with Two Dogs Roofing. He then became a sub-contract with BGC Harmony Roof Tiles in Canning Vale working across Perth.

In 2016 Tut Nyokwan became a roofing contractor just like Harmony Roof Tiles. Working with builders and customers directly and advertises to find work.

Here at Tut Roofing we provide our customers with very competitive prices because we don’t sub-contract out our work to anyone else, but we do it ourselves. We have up-to 6 workers in our team, which means we can complete the whole roof in one day.

Some of the things I learned from my roof tiling bosses while I was an apprentice are: “What is the point of doing roof tiling if you aren’t going to be the best roof tiler”? “as a roof tiler you must overcome your fear.”, Two Dogs Roofing said, “You gotta have done roof tiling for about over 6 years to be able to call yourself a roof tiler” He also said, “Unsuccessful roof tilers only last for a day when they’re first day on the job. Because this job is too hard when you haven’t done for a long time.

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