Month: February 2021

What Does A Roofer Need?

what are the duties of roofers

Another aspect of finding a reputable roofing company is knowing what makes it legitimate and trustworthy. Great Day Improvements has compiled a list of 15 questions homeowners can ask potential roofers before signing a contract so you can make sure the company you hire… Continue Reading “What Does A Roofer Need?”

What Are Composition Roof Shingles

What Are Composition Roof Shingles

Asphalt and composite roof shingles are two of the most popular building materials in Australia, and for good reason. In more than 80 percent of homes in Australia and many parts of Perth, shingle roofs are often begged in houses.  The term composition refers… Continue Reading “What Are Composition Roof Shingles”

How Does A Roofers Pump Work

If you own a roofing company, how do you keep your employees cool and safe while they work in the sun? Demand for roofers is high in summer, and roofers often have to work without shade on hot days.  This allows you to fill… Continue Reading “How Does A Roofers Pump Work”

Is It Hard To Be A Roofer?


A recent survey shows something that many roofing companies are already well aware of: roofing is the toughest job in Australia. Every day we hear of another “roofer nightmare” happening because the wrong roofer has been hired for the job.  The sad thing is… Continue Reading “Is It Hard To Be A Roofer?”