Month: August 2020

How Do I Keep My Metal Roof From Rusting?

metal roof rusting- tut roofing

Before we start this article, I would like to explain a few things about metal roofs and what others often call the same thing. Before we set out – long before we paint a metal roof – we must first determine what kind of… Continue Reading “How Do I Keep My Metal Roof From Rusting?”

Toonkoor Music

Welcome to Toonkoor Music, my name is Tut Nyokwan aka Toonkoor. Please learn the word of God by listening to my music. These song are not written by myself, but they are taken from the Holy Bible. And the Holy Bible is the word… Continue Reading “Toonkoor Music”

Does a Metal Roof Attract Lightning

roofattract-lightning TUT ROOFING

The Metallbau Association has published several technical bulletins, which present research showing that metal roofs are less likely to be struck by lightning than other roofs. In this post, an expert from the US Army Corps of Engineers reveals that a metal roof is… Continue Reading “Does a Metal Roof Attract Lightning”

Does a metal roof make house hotter?

Does a metal roofDoes a metal roof make house hotter tut roofing make house hotter

When it comes to metal roofs, we are talking about more than just corrugated iron roofs that might come to mind. We often believe that it is only suitable for roofs with steep slopes, but standing – seam metal roofs can work well as… Continue Reading “Does a metal roof make house hotter?”

What Is The Best Way To Clean A Roof?

clean roof - tut roofing

Roof cleaning involves a few steps, but the first and most important step is to identify what treatment you need to clean your roof. I have created this page to help those who are thinking about cleaning their roof tiles with a cleaning company… Continue Reading “What Is The Best Way To Clean A Roof?”

Which Is A Best Roofing?

Which Is A Best Roofing?

When you are planning a new roof project for your Perth home, you may be wondering which type or style of roof is best for you. Smart Exteriors guides you through the pros and cons of different types of roofs to help you choose… Continue Reading “Which Is A Best Roofing?”